It’s been artistically quiet over here, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been busy!

As people start gathering again, I’ve had to shift some focus onto writing. Last week I had the great honor of presenting two different sessions (“Listening to Teach: the Power of Reverse Training”, and “Contracts and Risk: The Basics”) at the National Association of Educational Procurement’s national convention in Grapevine, TX.

**Tomorrow** I will be co-presenting a public webinar on procuring accessible IT - a topic I love, because inclusion is where it’s at! (I’ll be speaking again on this same topic in Spokane, WA in August.)

Link to register for tomorrow’s session:


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I have two public training/speaking engagements coming up for anyone interested: -December 2022; I will be speaking on Contracts and Risk Management (date and time to be announced soon) June 7, 2023: